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Bury St Edmunds Cathedral Photo-walk

Join me for two of three of hours taking photographs in and around the stunning cathedral of Bury St Edmunds, while I help you get the most out of your photography and your camera.

Bury St Edmunds Cathedral at sunset



Max participants - 8

This event will go ahead with at least 3 participants, but you will receive a voucher code to enrol on another should less than 3 people enrol.

You will need to be at least 18 years of age, or accompanied by a participating adult.

The cathedral does not charge for people taking photographs, but does request a donation of £5 to be made per delegate, which I will make for you and have included in the fee. 

We meet at the entrance to the Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds

Walk Duration
Usually around 3 hours.

You will need

Any camera, and you will find a tripod useful if you have one.

About this Photo-Walk

Join me for an exciting photo walk as we explore the beauty of the cathedral. Our adventure begins with a brief introduction at the entrance, where we will get to know each other and your camera. Bury St Edmunds Cathedral is a stunning piece of architecture and a true masterpiece of medieval history. Situated in this beautiful market town in the heart of Suffolk, England, this magnificent cathedral boasts a rich and diverse history, dating back to the 11th century. With its towering Millenium spire, intricate stone carvings, and stained-glass windows, the cathedral is a feast for the eyes, and a photographer's dream come true. Visitors can admire the beautiful arches and columns, and take in the peaceful atmosphere of the cathedral's interior, which has been a place of worship for over 900 years. A visit to Bury St Edmunds Cathedral is an experience like no other, offering a glimpse into the past and an opportunity to soak in the beauty and grandeur of this magnificent structure. This photo walk is designed to be a fun and creative experience, and although not a formal training session, I will be available to offer personalized guidance and advice to help you unleash your inner photographer. Whether it's tips for composing the perfect shot or assistance with camera settings, I am here to support you. I can't wait to embark on this photographic journey with you!

If you would like to know more about the cathedral, you can check out their website here

Select a Photo-Walk Date

New dates are always being added, so if you don't see a date that works for you, please Subscribe so that I can notify you of dates as they are added.

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