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Cambridge University
Museum of Zoology Photo-Walk

Join me for a few hours of hours taking photographs around this fascinating museum in Cambridge, and let me help you get the most out of your photography and your camera.

Museum of Zoology at Cambridge University



Max participants - 8

The museum does not charge for people taking photographs, but does request a donation to be made, which I will make for you and have included in the fee. 

We meet at the entrance to the Museum at:

   Museum of Zoology,

   Downing Street,


   CB2 3EJ

Parking is available nearby at:

The Grande Arcade: Corn Exchange St, Cambridge CB2 3QF 

Walk Duration
Usually around 3 hours, (although you can stay as long as you like)

You will need

Any camera.  Sorry, the museum does not allow the use of tripods or flash.

Access Info and Restrictions

The Museum is accessible via a ramp and can be visited step-free. Small foldaway stools are available to borrow if you are unable to walk around the Museum without a periodic rest. There is a lift between the Upper and Lower Galleries. All our photography must be for non-commercial purposes. Photography may be prohibited for some temporary exhibitions. The use of tripods, selfie sticks, external flashes, lighting are not permitted within the Museum. Visitors are not permitted to film other visitors (except their own friends and family, with their permission).

About this Photo-Walk

This Photo-walk will begin with a brief meet & greet at the entrance to the meseum, where I can try to familiarise myself with you and your camera. Although the photo-walk is certainly not any sort of formal training event, I will be spending time with each participant to help you be as creative as possible with your photography, and pointing out ways to help with the setting up of your camera. The Museum of Zoology in Cambridge University is a treasure trove of natural history and biodiversity, showcasing the rich fauna of the world and offering a glimpse into the history of evolutionary biology. It houses over a million specimens, including the famous collection of Charles Darwin, whose specimens and notes formed the basis of his groundbreaking theories on evolution. Visitors can explore the diverse collection of animals, from the tiniest insects to the largest mammals, and see how they are all connected through the complex web of life. With interactive exhibits and a spacious and airy design, the Museum of Zoology provides a memorable and educational experience for visitors of all ages and backgrounds, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the natural world. The museum is supported by a very committed group of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, you can find out more by emailing them at I look forward to seeing you there :)


If you would like to know more about the museum, please check out their website here

Select a Photo-Walk Date

New dates are always being added, so if you don't see a date that works for you, please Subscribe so that I can notify you of dates as they are added.

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