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Here you can find the answers to most of the things I get asked about my services, but please do not hesitate to Contact Me if you have a question you can't find answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What camera equipment do I need to bring to participate on one of the workshops?

You will obviously need a camera, a wide angle lens and a zoom/telephoto if you have one, a tripod if you have one (I have some spares), any Neutral Density Filters you might own and a remote shutter release if you have one.

What should I wear?

It really depends on the location and the weather. For coastal Workshops, I always advise good walking shoes/boots, (and some wellies if you have then), and warm waterproof clothing. We won't be hiking too far from your car, so it's worth bringing things you might end up leaving in the car in case needed. Fingerless cloves and woolly hats are a good idea on colder days as you will be outside for an extended time. Photo-walks are usually less of a problem, and the rule is simply to wear what you will be comfortable in.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

This is always a tricky one for Workshops, as we are always at the mercy of the weather. Unless it's a complete washout we should be fine in the breaks between the rain. However, if I feel the weather is going to thwart any practical activities, I may cancel it nearer to the time and I will need your phone number to be able to do this. In the event of such a cancellation, you will be able to enrol for free on another workshop of the same value. In-door Photo-walks wont be affected, unless the weather stops us getting there. See Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I need to cancel my attendance on a workshop?

This all depends on when you cancel. You may be due a refund, but please read the Cancellation details in the Terms & Conditions.

Is there an age limit to participate on a workshop?

No, but if you are under 18, you will need to be accompanied by a participating adult. This applies to Workshops and Photo-walks.

How do I get to and from the locations?

You will be responsible for your own transport arrangements, but that doesn't mean that vehicle sharing wont be encouraged between locations where possible.

Is food and drink provided on the workshops?

I do not provide food or drink, so you are advised to bring any refreshments you may need. Some of the locations have coffee shops nearby, so do check the details of the workshop or photo-walk.

Does JRMGallery Workshops insure me for loss or damage to my camera?

No, as the Workshops and Photo-walks are not held within or on any property of mine, I do not cover you for accidents involving your equipment or person. You are advised to make sure you have adequate insurance cover for your equipment and/or yourself should you feel you need it.

Are the workshops disabled friendly?

You will need to be mobile enough to hike about half a mile on some workshops, and climb inclines and steps. For Photo-walks, please check available information for the location.

Does JRMGallery provide any camera equipment?

For my Workshops, I do have a few spare tripods, and a some Lee100 Filters and filter holders for attendees to try. If you would like to try the filters, please contact me before the workshop so I can make sure I have the correct adaptor for your lens. For my Photo-walks, I don't provide and equipment.

How many people can attend the events?

Workshops are normally limited to 6 people, and will only proceed if at least 2 people enrol. Photo-walks are normally limited to 8 people and will only proceed if at least 3 people enrol. In either case, if the event is postponed due to under selling, you will be notified 3 days in advance of the event, and will be able to enrol on another date for free.

What camera equipment do I need to bring to participate on one of the Photo-walks?

Literally any camera you have, even if it's only on a Smart phone. Some Photo-walks have limitations on equipment that can be used, such as tripods and flash-guns, so please check the event details.

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