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Half-day Group Photographic Workshops for 2023

Welcome to my Half-day Landscape Photography Workshops! These workshops are designed to help you improve your skills and techniques in capturing breath-taking landscape photographs, and are particularly suited to beginners and novice photographers or those wishing to improve their photography skills. I believe that photography is not just about capturing images but about creating a unique visual story. During the workshops, I will guide you through the process of composing and capturing stunning landscape photographs. You will learn about the importance of light, composition, and perspective and how to use them to your advantage. The workshops take place in some of the most beautiful and picturesque locations, giving you the opportunity to capture stunning images while exploring and appreciating the beauty of nature. Join me and let me help you take your landscape photography to the next level!

Who are my Workshops for?

My workshops are suited primarily for those starting out in landscape photography, including absolute beginners  looking to understand the use of their camera and art of landscape photography. 

What you can expect to learn?

* You will understand the relationship between the exposure controls and the effects they have on the image. * How to use Aperture, Shutter and ISO to control exposure with the help of the Exposure Meter and Histogram; * How to make the best use of the cameras’ metering systems; * How to setup your camera for optimum image creation, taking the guesswork out of all those complicated settings;  * You will learn about Lens Choice and how different focal lengths can be used effectively in the environment; * You will learn about Depth-of-Field and how to set the camera up to Focus effectively; * You will be introduced to Neutral Density Filters, when and how to use them; * You will learn about Long Exposure Photography; * You will gain an appreciation of the fundamentals of image composition.

Upcoming Group Workshops

  • Please ensure you time your arrival at the venue to be at the Workshop start time.
  • Please note: This is a very early start !!
Sunset over Felixstowe beach - photography workshops
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