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Thank you for attending one of my landscape photography workshops or 1-2-1 sessions.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help me to continue improving and providing the best possible training experiences. Please use the form below to share your thoughts and suggestions. Your input is valuable and will be used solely for the purpose of enhancing future sessions. Thank you again for your support.

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Happy Customers

Felixstowe Sunset Workshop

"It was a fantastic day, we learnt so much about the cameras capabilities and how to frame that perfect picture. We were impressed that Julian had prepared small help cards for everyone’s camera so he could assist us for each type of shot. The day was suitable for both amateurs and the experienced. Using filters and taking pictures after the sun went down was a great learning curve and inspiration."


Southwold Sunrise Workshop

“I can highly recommend one of Julian's workshops, you will learn so much, and enjoy it too :)”


Southwold Sunrise Workshop

“Julian has a great way of making things seem simple, and I can't wait to put what I learnt into practice. I was especially happy at being able to try out the use of filters, and I was stunned at the difference they made to my images. But now I have to go and buy some of my own!"


Felixstowe Sunset Workshop

"WOW! Even though I turned up about an hour late due to traffic, Julian found the time to bring me up to speed with what he had been teaching to that point, which I was really grateful for. I learned so much about my camera and how to set it up to get great images. Highly recommended. One thing, do bring waterproof boots if you can, I didn't :P"


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