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Join me on an educational Photo-walk and improve your photography!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I have added Photo-walks to my list of available events !

My new Photo-walks are a shorter version of my main workshops, and are suited to anyone with any type of camera, who simply wants to enjoy taking photographs at interesting locations for a few hours, while learning from me how to improve their photography.

Although these walks are not formal training sessions, you will find that I am dedicated to helping you improve your photography skills, and as we progress through our journey I will offer guidance on a variety of photography topics, from camera controls, controlling exposure and focusing effectively to understanding the fundamentals of composition.

I will help you understand how to set up your camera for the prevailing light and conditions and offer insights on lens choice and how different focal lengths can be used creatively.

By the end of our walk, you will have a better understanding of how to take control of your camera and create images you can be proud of!

So why not come and join me for an educational photo walk experience, as we capture the beauty of our chosen location.

I will be adding new locations and venues as time goes by, so be sure to Subscribe to receive all the updates.

You can sign up for one of my new Photo-walks at:


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